Hay Bale Rentals


Display your company products on artificial Hay bales or Straw bales. The perfect Western display stand for trade shows

Yes, you can stand or sit on them! 

Each artificial Hay bale is a sturdy constructed wood covered frame and is covered with a natural grass like carpet matting.

 Bales have 2 attached brown strings to simulate baling wires.

 Dimensions: approx. 18in.x18in.x 36in.

and now our smaller bales for single seating our available. approx. 18 in. x18 in. x 18 in.

 Keep the hay out of the land fill  after this Stampede.

Each artificial Hay bale is $30.00 per day or 2 for $50.00.
Decorating for the full Stampede… Call us today for a quote.

No bugs,no smell, no mess, and great for indoors as they are fire retardant.

Plus you will not be charged a hefty fee after you event for clean up like the regular bales.

Do your bales pass the Test. All our artificial bales do!STRAW OR HAY BALES FOR PUBLIC DISPLAY
June 2010
Re: Straw Bales used for display in public places.
The Calgary Fire Department is issuing this guideline to all users and suppliers of display straw bales within the City of
1)   All bales shall be treated and prepared as outlined in sentence (2) before being allowed into any public venue.
2)   The owner, in accordance with AFC Division C Article, shall maintain a written record of tests and flame
proofing treatment carried out.  Treatment shall be as follows:
• Straw or Hay Bales used for indoor or outdoor public displays shall be treated with a Fire Retardant that complies
with CAN/ULC-  S109-03 “Flame Tests of Flame-Resistant Fabrics and Films”.
• All bales shall be compressed by ten (10) to twelve (12) inches and bound with steel wire or ½ inch steel banding.
• Each bale shall be dried by evaporation.
• Each bale shall be tagged with a non-combustible tag stating the date treated, the ULC approved fire retardant
product used and the name of the company doing the treatment.
• If bales should become wet, they shall be immediately removed to the exterior of the building, dried by evaporation
and retreated before being used again.
• Bales cannot be broken apart to enhance the display.
3)   A Fire Department Inspector may ask to test any display bale at their discretion and the bale shall pass the flame test as
described in point (4).  If any of the bales tested at this display fail the flame test, all bales shall be removed from the venue
and be retreated prior to reuse.
4) Fire Department Inspectors will test bales to be displayed in the following manner:
• Bale will be removed from the public for testing.
• Ignition source will be an open flame as produced from a butane lighter. Flame will be applied for 10 seconds.
• Bale is allowed to ignite, but upon removal of the flame source the bale cannot sustain combustion on its own for
more than 3 seconds. Flame must self extinguish and cannot continue to smolder for more than 30 seconds.
• Multiple surfaces on each bale will be tested and must pass the above detailed test.
Ken Prusky
Fire Marshal
Fire Protective Services
Calgary Fire Department
A replacement charge of $20 per pyroguarded bale.
Artificial bale that are returned wet or dirty will be charge
$30-$50 per bale for cleaning. Any missing bales are $400.00