Ride Em’ Pony Cycles

Pony Cycles are a giant leap in the evolution of toy riding horses. Instead of traditional rocking horses and spring horses which keep the rider on one spot, Pony Cycles allow your child to ride around.

It’s like riding a real horse!

By gently bouncing up and down in the saddle, you makes the legs and head move backward and forwards, propelling the Pony Cycle forward in a galloping motion. Not only that, handles are provided on either side of the head to enable you to safely and easily steer left and right.

Push legs down and forward then bring knees up. The more you push the faster you go!

Pony Cycles are fun, safe, environmentally friendly and perfect to hire for a child’s party or corporate event! Stampede would not be the sane with out these cycles.

Benefits of the Pony Cycle

Boosts fitness
Safe for all ages
Hours of fun & enjoyment
Increases balance & confidence
Improves coordination
No batteries or electricity needed

Pony Cycle Sizes

Small:3 to 5 yrs – upto 30kg/60lb

Medium:6 to 9 yrs – upto 40kg/88LB

Large:9+ – upto 110 kg /250lb

Pony Cycles are available to hire for any event, providing there is suitable space and flooring for them. Please Provide a volunteer to supervise these and ensure The right size of cycle is being used by the rider or ask about hiring our staff.

Add fencing or hay bale for corral and seating

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